To register the daily rates price of your listings in the prices per night model, there are two ways:

The [Calendar List Screen] menu

Indicated for ventures in the initial phase of pricing registration and also for those with a small number of listings.

In this panel, you will have an overview of your listings and you will be able to register prices through the steps below:

  1. Find the listing on the [Calendar List Screen];
  2. Click on the [+] button next to the listing name;
  3. On the [Base] line, click and drag the mouse to open the price edit mode;
  4. Choose the dates and enter the daily rates amount;
  5. Click on [Save].

[Finance > Pricing Setup] tab in listings

From the same steps indicated above, you can also edit the daily rates from the page of a particular listing.

This path can be useful if you only want to edit prices of a few listings.

With the listing finder in your top menu and the dedicated daily rates editing page, you make your adjustments with just a few clicks!

In case you are using the common rate plans model, to edit the minimum nights of the period, just leave blank the price lines that you do not want to work in the period.
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