To start your listing posting in all sales channels compatible with, we recommend using the "length of stays discount" model.

In this model, you will need to determine your base rate, the minimum nights allowed for the period, and the length of stays discount to keep your prices competitive.

Initial registration of daily rates

For a complete price registration, follow the steps below:

1Configure the minimum base nightsGo to [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] and choose your default nights minimum (base rate).
2Offer progressive discounts in the stayIn the [Length of stays discount] field, click on the green button and add more discounts.
Just put the desired number of nights and the desired discount %.
We recommend choosing 1 custom option and the weekly and monthly discount to have a competitive listing.
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3Register the prices in the listingsThe price registration is done from the calendar of the listings and you only need to put the daily rate amount of the base rate for the discounts to apply automatically.
See more details in the image to the side reproduced through the [Calendar List Screen] menu.
Remember to register your rates for all the periods within your availability period so that your prices are seamless and your listings always have complete information! Read more.

Information management

After the initial registration phase, a very important configuration to make in your rates is the minimum nights allowed as this is used to determine weekend packages duration, adjust your prices for the high season or other general market actions. 

The adjustment of the minimum nights allowed is made from the [Calendar List Screen] screen and this determines the amount charged in the stay and the feasibility of the reservation.

By changing your minimum nights per listing, your base rate will override the discounts previously granted, that is, if you applied a weekly discount but put your minimum stay as 7 in the period, the daily rate amount in the period becomes your base rate, as shown in the example below:

You can check out more details about minimum of nights and possible actions from the link below! Read more.

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