To offer Airbnb guests a competitive price based on how long they stay in your listing, you can use the basic price configuration to communicate your rate variations not only to Airbnb, but on your website and other OTAs.

If you have less than 6 listings on Airbnb, please check if the professional hosting tools are enabled in your account.
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Based on this, you should follow the following path:

  1. Access the [Settings > General Settings] menu;
  2. Access the [Pricing] tab;
  3. In the [Set Your Prices Setup Model] section, select [Basic];
  4. In the line below, put the minimum number of nights you accept (base rate plan);
  5. Save the changes made at the upper right side of the screen.

Right after performing this action, you will have a new section on the screen named [Discounts by Length of Stay]:

The [Weekly] and [Monthly] discounts are predefined screen options, so just choose the options and put the discount percentage next to it.
If you give discount for other lengths of stay, you will be able to choose the [Custom] option too, to put the minimum number of nights and the discount percentage.

You will also be able to configure the listing discounts.
Activate the configuration by listing and then go to the screen shown in the image below:

This is the standard way to set prices following Airbnb logic and, once the feature is enabled, it will be applied throughout your periods, so it is essential to take this into account when registering the amount of your daily rates in the calendar list screen.

If you use the advanced price configuration on Stays or the basic price model with multiple rate plans, put a rate line of 7 nights and one of 28 nights, because the result will be the same to Airbnb guests.

After completing the registration of rates, the discount will be applied to consultations made on the Airbnb portal and will have an indication of the discount, as shown in the example below:

To get the most out of the weekly and monthly discounts feature, check out the link below which contains instructions from the Airbnb team about this tool.
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Now that you know how to apply weekly and monthly discounts to Airbnb, how about checking out how Airbnb behaves when there are multiple discounts applied in a given guest search period?