The minimum of nights line is an auxiliary setting of your pricing in the discount for length of stay model.

In it you must put the minimum number of stay that you accept for the period of your calendar and this information will be a complement to your daily rates amount.

A very common example in the market are listings that, throughout the week, accept stays of just 1 night, but on festive periods or weekends change the minimum stay policy for longer periods.

These adjustments you can make in the [Calendar List Screen] screen of your and it is possible to apply the action to multiple listings at once.

Check out some usage examples in the table below:

Longer stay on weekendsTo apply this to all the listings, go to the [Min nights] line in the global level, select a period longer than 14 nights and select the "TUE" and "WED" options.
Put your minimum number of weekend nights and apply the action.
Festive dates and packagesIn this case, to avoid breaks in the package, the means of listing usually require reservations with a high number of nights.
If you are open to negotiations, instead of doing the action showed on the side, use arrival and departure restrictions to keep your listings visible in the channels searches!
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Fill in gaps in the calendarIn some cases, establishments with greater minimum of nights, like 3 nights, for example, make the policy more flexible in some listings to ensure their occupation in the gaps in the calendar.
In this case, you should go to the desired listing and make the adjustments only on it, like the image at the right.

The actions shown above are just a few examples of how you can manage your rates from the minimum of nights line of your pricing. 

A very important detail is that in this model, the base rate always prevails over the discounts, if your minimum stay is greater than or equal to one of the duration discounts you have granted. 

In the example above, as the minimum stay is 7 nights, the daily rate remains R$ 500,00 and the discounts for 4 nights and the weekly discount are not used in the period.

The minimum of nights configuration is applied to your website booking engine, in your prices calculation during the manual creation of reservations and will also be transmitted to the sales channels with rates connections with

To help with the occupancy rate, your comes by default with the option to accept reservations on the website with periods shorter than your minimum stay, but the guest pays the minimum amount for the period (that is, if your minimum stay is 7 nights and the guest only stays 1, they pay the 7 nights amount).
If you really do not accept reservations under the allowed period, please adjust this setting!
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Now that you know how the "Min nights" line works on your Stays calendar, how about seeing more steps about the price registration?