To keep your listings competitive in the hosting market, the factor price is essential.
Therefore, choosing the base number of guests for each listing and setting your pricing based on that is an important step. 

A resource called derived prices means that, starting from this base amount, the price increases with each additional guest in the listings, always respecting the maximum capacity of the listing.

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How to set derived prices?

You can make the setting per listing, starting from the [Finance > General Pricing Configuration] tab, in the field Do your prices vary according to the number of guests on the reservation?.
See the image below for more configuration references:

If you work with this amount variation based on the number of guests on Airbnb, this information will already be imported into the listings during your implementation process on!
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What happens when the reservation exceeds the maximum number of guests that the listings accept? 

Nothing, as there will be no reservation.
It is common in vacation rental for the maximum capacity of the listing to vary due to the sale of extra beds, such as mattress, sofa beds and others.

In these cases, you must register your mattress in the listings with the Mattress/Futon option so that your listings have the actual maximum capacity. 

For more information on registering beds and maximum capacity of listings, see the material below:
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Is this information transmitted to sales channels?

In addition to your website and direct sales, this setting will be transmitted to, Airbnb, Despegar, Expedia and Vrbo.
The sending of information to the sales channels is usually done within 5 minutes after being edited on Stays. 

The other channels that are compatible with Stays connection but have no integration with this feature may be due to the lack of these pricing models on the channel or due to technical restrictions.
To verify the full list of sales channels with, see the link below: 
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Now that you know how charging amounts works according to the guest numbers in the reservation, how about seeing other related subjects?