Changing the daily rate amount based on the number of people on the booking is known in the market and OTAs as derived prices.

By default, comes with this feature enabled and you can set the behavior per listing, so check out some important information on this subject:

Where to configure this information in the listings?Go to the [Finance > General Pricing Configuration] tab and at the end of the page you will have the [Does your prices vary according to the number of guests on the booking?] field.SEE DETAILS
Can I charge the fee when the booking has more guests than the maximum capacity of the listing?You cannot.
The derived prices setting will always follow the standard for your listing's maximum capacity.
The maximum capacity is defined from the bed configuration of the listing.
Which sales channels is this information transmitted to?Booking, Airbnb, VRBO (HomeAway) and TemporadaLivre.SEE DETAILS

If you do not work with this charging method and want to disable the feature on your system, go to the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] menu and disable the option below:

Do not forget to save the changes made!