For you establishment to become eligible with the Vrbo API integration, it is necessary that you have the following conditions:

At least 05 listings with kitchenHaving a kitchen in the unit is of great importance for the listing to be eligible for Vrbo, so register this information in your Stays listing, both in the Rooms area and in the amenities.SEE DETAILS
It is necessary to have a Brazilian VAT Number to proceed with the registration with Vrbo.
The listings must have descriptive content in English
Since it is an international channel, English language is the base content for translation in other languages, and that is why you need to have it registered in your! SEE DETAILS
Cancellation Policy
It is necessary that the listings have a cancellation policy template, so you must have at least one template active on your and, mainly, relate it to the most compatible template that Vrbo has.SEE DETAILS
Rent contract template
You must have general guidelines regarding renting your Vrbo listings and register this in the channel settings on Stays.
As a starting point, we recommend using your content of Terms and Conditions, with any adjustments in relation to Vrbo policies.
Payment channel that accepts foreign currencies (USD or EUR)
This point is a condition to operationalize the connection and not the channel itself.
In your you must have at least one channel that accepts USD or EUR in the transaction, as there will be the currencies in which your listings will be marketed on Vrbo.
In case your establishment does not meet the requirements, it is possible to synchronize your listings with VRBO of your unit from a basic calendar connection called iCal.
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