When you integrate your listings to Vrbo, it will be possible to choose between one of the models below to make the charging from the channel guests:

Vrbo defaults to charging their service fee directly from the guest during the reservation process, therefore you will only need to charge your part of the reservation.
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Credit card paymentsThe guests will provide credit card data on the Vrbo platform and you must process typed sales in your Stays reservation page.
In this case, you must use the Stripe channel, as it accepts transactions in foreign currencies.
Invoice paymentVrbo will not send the guests credit card data, but will show them the information that you enter for the charging.
In this case, an alternative is to enter in your Vrbo channel manager settings from the Accept payment methods > Invoice section.
In this case, we recommend you to generate payment links using the PayPal e PayU payment methods.
Remember that for these 2 models, you will be able to initiate the Vrbo reservation cancellation from the screens of your Stays.net, as long as it complies with the channel's policy.
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