The integration between Stays and PayU will guarantee your guest a more secure payment environment on your website, with support for credit card, debit and bank slips, depending on the country of your PayU account.

For further details about payment options offered by PayU in each country, see the article below:
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Check the main information about the integration in the table below:

Is there any restrictions to integrate with the channel?The process varies according to the country, but in Brazil it is possible to create an account with only ID, for example.
You will need to fill out a registration form for the PayU team to review your establishment.
What PayU technical information do I need to integrate with will need to have the Merchant ID, account ID and API key.
This information is provided by the PayU team and you should use this in the installation of your channel on!
How will PayU work on the website?The guest will be sent to the secure environment of PayU to carry out the transaction and will then return to the reservation page of the Stays website.SEE DETAILS
What responsibility does have in relation to transactions made on the channel? acts in the integration of the interface between the platforms, however the validation or not of the data provided by the guest is the exclusive responsibility of PayU.SEE DETAILS

PayU will be compatible with the website reservation process and will also be one of the channel options for charging through payment links!