To ensure a risk-free partnership between your establishment and the payment channels, check out the table below for important information about the policies in this area:

Does validate card data or other transactions?No, it does not.
We are responsible for the integration between the interfaces of your and the channels, but the validation of card data or other information provided by the guest is the responsibility of the payment channel.
Will be responsible for registering your business with the channels?No, it will not
The responsibility rests solely with your establishment.
Our analysts are available to share some tips, but regarding the partnership between you and the channel, we cannot interfere, since each platform has its policies.
Will help me solve calls related to the payment channels?If the call is related to transactions carried out in our integration, yes!
We count on your cooperation so that you can document in as much detail as possible what happened and send us your case through
In these cases, the ideal is to indicate to us the reservation code involved and, if possible, the amount of the transaction, the date it was made and other similar information.
Will help with the process of setting up the channels on my system?Yes, it will.
We have prepared some help materials to help your learning process and if you have any questions, you can contact us through the support chat.