When connecting your Stays.net listings to Vrbo, the product will go via the Vrbo content validation process, so you must follow the requirements below:

TitleThe content must be between 20 and 100 characters and you can register it in the [Content > Descriptive Content] tab of your Stays.net.
DescriptionThe description must be between 400 and 10000 characters, adding up all the fields on the [Description] section of the [Content > Descriptive Content] tab of your Stays.net listing.SEE DETAILS
PhotosThe listing must have at least 6 photos.
Register photos of the rooms within the [Content] tab of your listings, as well as the surroundings on the [Location] tab.
Bedrooms and bathroomsIt is mandatory to have this information in the listings.
If you have not yet registered this information in your listings, do so through the [Content > Rooms] tab.
The address must have all registration information, including latitude and longitude.
Just adjust on [Content > Location] in your Stays.net listings and the coordinates are generated from the position on the map next.
Registration numberIf the region of your listing requires this, simply register the information on the [Content > Type] tab of your Stays.net listing.
Representative listingsVrbo supports the registration of a listing representing multiple units, in the format of room categories.
If you have listings of this type, see the requirements for this type of listing in the link next.
It is never too much to remember that, as it is a channel with a global reach with instant reservations, it is essential that your listings also already have registered prices as well as the calendars properly fed on Stays.net!

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