Changing the arrival and departure times in your reservations of Stays, will provide better organization for your business and here are some benefits for you to check out.

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Improving communication among teams

With the time adjustment from your reservation's page, the new information will be integrated with your Reception screen and your Inspections Dashboard. 

Remember that arrival and departure times can be edited from the upper box of the Reservation's Page. 
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Assistance with fee charging for guests

By changing the arrival or departure time to a different time that is out of your default system with no costs, it will automatically be charged to the extra fee, facilitating the control with your team, in addition to generate more transparency with your guests. 

In addition to the charge, if you do not charge a specific guest, it is possible to grant the fee courtesy and, by that, the charge will be launched, improving the guest's experience with your business.
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Now that you know about the reasons for editing the arrival and departure times, how about checking out other panels of the operational module?