This article is only intended for users who already have an Expedia account and listings.

If you would like to subscribe to the channel, please contact our support team. You must have at least 5 listings at the same address.

What you find in this article:

Step 1. Set the channel manager

The first step to connect to Expedia via Stays is to configure the connection. On your system, go to [Channel Managers > Expedia > Settings] and set the options below:

ReservationEnter the commercial status of reservations between Reservations and Pre-Reservations
User (starting from the Administrator plan)
Choose a reservation agent to be responsible for handling Expedia reservations.  
Configure the default currency for the prices sent to the channel, the price correction and the accounting relation of the commissions of the channel (Administrator and Agency plans). 
Communication with guests
Active automatic email triggering for new Expedia reservations. You can also configure personalized emails according to the sales channel.
Cancellation policies
List your Stays cancellation policies templates with the most compatible templates on Expedia. Remember that the channel policy template prevails when booking via Expedia.
Fees and Taxes
List your Stays extra fees with the SERVICE_FEE fee. By listing more than one fee with this Expedia option, the amounts are added up and presented as one fee to the customers.

Step 2. Access Expedia portal and set Stays as channel manager

Important: only follow this step when you are ready to connect your listings to Stays right away. If you set Stays as a channel manager on Expedia and do not connect your listings within a short period of time, this could negatively affect your pricing and availability rules as they are not being updated.

After configuring the connection, access Expedia portal, go to [Rooms and Rates > Connectivity settings] and select After that, proceed to the step 3.

Step 3. Connect your listings

It is time to link your hotels and existing listings on Expedia with the registered products on Stays. Access the [Channel Manager > Expedia] Stays menu and follow the steps below:

  1. On the [Listings] tab, find the desired location and click on [Connect > Connect to an existing product on Expedia]. Enter the Expedia ID hotel and save the changes. 

  2. Your Stays listings will appear below, and ideally, each one should be linked to an Expedia ID. However, if you work with room categories, only parents should be linked. 

  3. Done! After a few minutes, prices and calendars will be updated based on what was registered on Stays. It is important to check whether the information arrived correctly on the Expedia portal. 

When connecting the listing to Expedia, rate plans are already sent automatically.