In order to charge additional fees to your guests on Expedia from the connection, you need to link your fees to existing models in the channel. 

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The link of your Stays additional fees to Expedia is done from the [Channel Managers > Expedia] menu.

Go to the Settings tab, choose the Taxes & Fees option and link the models, do not forget to save the changes on the green icon on the screen that will appear after you make your changes:

Expedia only has the SERVICE_FEE option so you can only link one of your fees registered on Stays. 
If you try to link SERVICE_FEE with more than one Stays fee there will be a connection conflict.

How are the fees presented on Expedia's Extranet?

The final result of your action is that this information will be on your extranet just like the example below: 

In this case above, the billing model chosen was fixed amount and per stay, but you can also select by percentage and the per night model in your
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Now that you already know how to link your fees to Expedia, how about checking out more information on the connection?