Recurring transactions are your cash routines that are repeated frequently, whether in a weekly, monthly, quartely, semiannual or annual form.

You can generate the transaction with the maximum number of 99 times and you will be able to follow on your bills to pay panel which is the number of the occurrence in question, according to the example below:

In this case, it indicates that it is the first transaction of the 99 created on that routine.

To help you with generating this type of transaction on your, check out some information in the table below:

How to generate transactions related to the administrative costs of my business?From the [Finance > Bills to Pay] menu, [New Transaction] button you will generate a transaction normally.
Just check the Repeat little box and fill in the new fields on the screen!
How to generate transactions related to lodgings costs?The answer is identical to the answer above, but you will need to add the relationship with the lodging in question during the generation.SEE DETAILS
Is it possible to post transactions related to the owners as well?The answer is as the ones above about the path, however, when creating your transaction, you must choose a transaction model that share responsibility with the owner or be the owner alone.SEE DETAILS
How to generate a recurring transaction in which the amount changes at each step?As the Value field is mandatory when making the generation, enter a base amount.
You will be able to edit as many times as you like, as long as the transaction has not yet been paid.

Now that you have seen how the recurring transactions tool works, how about seeing other usage tips on, Agency version?