From the transaction generation screen [Payable Accounts], you can configure the owner's participation in relation to the transaction amount and add a debit in the owner's balance of forwardings routine in the [Owner Statements] screen. 

See below a practical example of a recurring debit to the owner:

Expenses where the owner will refund you

It is common for cases where owners leave the responsibility for paying recurring listing transactions with the administrator and, at the end of the forwarding process, authorize the retention of part of their credit to refund these operating expenses.

In this case, you must register a recurring expense of the [Pay a bill on behalf of the owner] type.

This type of transaction will be shown both in your [Payable Accounts] panel and in the [Owner Statements] as debit:

Now that you know how recurring debit transactions involving owners work, why not check out more information on the topic?