In the previous step, you learned how to register the listings. Now we will learn how to set your calendar, according to the steps below:

Step 1. Registering your prices

Length of stay discounts 

To apply discounts, go to the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] menu. Example: minimum of 5 nights with a 5% discount, minimum of 7 nights with a 10% discount and minimum of 28 nights with a 20% discount.

Dynamic pricing

This setting is valid only for Airbnb listings. To do that, go to the [Settings > General Settings > Dynamic pricing rules] menu. This setting allows last minute reservations, such as applying a 10% discount for reservations made with at least 30 days in advance. 

Step 2. Setting the General Calendar

The calendar menu allows viewing individual calendars. 

The tools mentioned below (Condition, Restriction, Min. nights and Base) allow you to select specific days of the week to apply these options within a period superior of 14 days. 

Base Price

Learn to register your base price. Example: when inserting R$450, this amount is now your rate for the selected period. 


Increase or decrease your base price in percentage, according to the day of the week.


Restrict arrivals and departures from a specific day. You are able to set it if you would not like to receive a check-in on a Sunday, as an example.  

Minimum of nights

Enter the minimum number of days you accept for the period, such as applying discounts for weekends. 

Manual reservations and blocks

Create your reservations manually and blocks by selecting the period you would like to. There are two options for blocks: the generic, as a negotiation with the guest to keep the availability; and the maintenance, such as repair, or a type of construction, etc.


Some actions can be done massively for all listings, such as condition, restrictions, and minimum nights.  

Step 3. Individual settings

Finally, there is a lot of extra information for you to finish the settings on your listing. 


To register the fees on your listing, access [Property & Listings > Finance > General pricing configuration > Fees and Taxes]

Derived prices

This setting is about the maximum capacity of your listing. Example: in one listing of 4 guests, set the base price for a couple and an increase for the third and forth guest. Besides, it is also possible to charge for additional child, such as a fee of R$50 per child up to 12 years old. To do that, go to the [Finance > General pricing configuration > Derived Prices] of your listing. 

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