Regarding the reservation forwarding routine, it is common for companies to confirm the owners amounts in advance, usually during the payment of the Reservation Guarantee by the guest.
However, this may represent a gap of months, so if there is any change in the reservation, it is necessary to update the amount of the forwardings so that there is no misalignment in the apportion of the amounts with the owners.

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How to find reservations with dates changed after the forwarding? 

On your menu [Reservation Center > Find Reservation], it is possible to filter a list of reservations with changes in the dates and also reservations in which the forwarding was started or finished, like in the example below:

Forwarded Status filter
Filter on changed dates
Here you need to select one filter at a time in the searches.The option appears after clicking on More Filters.
Do not forget to click on Update.
For more details on the reservation forwarding status, check the link below:
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What to do after finding the reservations?

On the upper side of the screen will be a report with the reservations, so click on the button Forward or Completed, depending on the forwarding status it has in the moment:

This will open the Reservations Forward Payments screen, so you must delete the previous payments, using the X button, just like in the image below: 

Finally, after reseting the credits posted, click on the three dots and on Move back option, so you can reset your reservation forwarding with the reservation date and amounts updated:

For more tips on how to forward reservations manually, check the material below: 
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Now that you already know how to undo reservations forwardings after changes in the reservations, how about checking out other related subjects?