To help you in your business routines, with it is possible to generate several reports with strategic information that can be used by your reservation, operational, and finance teams.

Check below the types of reports and lists that can be exported through the system:

Listings Spreadsheet
Through the [Listings > Individual] menu it is possible to generate an Excel list with all the listings in your system or filter them according to the status.
It can be used for your company´s internal control and for monitoring your portfolio.
Listings Inventory
After registering all inventory items, it is possible to print a document with these information from the [Auxiliary > Cleaning & Maintenance > Print Inventory] tab within the listing´s page.
It can be used mainly for the listing quality control routine and contractual dealings with the owners when receiving and returning listings.
Arrivals and Departures List
It is a document in a printed version that shows all the arrivals and departures scheduled for the period filtered in the [Reservation Center > Reception] menu.
It works mainly for planning the reception routine of the company. 
Guests List
It is also a document that shows all the listings occupied and guests allocated on the day the document was issued.
This is really useful to control the breakfast routine, for example, as well as other additional routines. 
Leads ListThrough the [Users & Clients > Subscribers Export] menu it is possible to generate a contact list (owners and guests) from the system's database.
This document can help with email marketing campaigns.
Reservations ReportOn the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu it is possible to generate reports with all the information on the reservations of the selected period, which can be both in Excel format and in document for printing.
The information generated in the columns of the report can be selected according to your needs. It is also possible to apply search filters for more specific results according to your objective.
Spreadsheet with Reservations ReceiptThis spreadsheet works mainly to control the receivable accounts focusing on the routine of charging guests for reservations.
It can be generated for the [Finance > Receivable Accounts] menu or [Reservation Center > Find Reservation].
Payable Accounts SpreadsheetThis report is indicated for the finance routine and follow-up of transactions involving payable accounts.
It is generated from the [Finance > Payable Accounts] menu. 
Accounting Balance ReportOn the [Finance > Others > Accounting Balance] menu, indicators will be generated, they work to offer a strategic view regarding the costs and expenses of the company.
Reservation Forwarding ReportIt is a useful tool for the internal control of the company regarding the reservations and the respective amounts that must be forwarded to the owners.
Through the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu it is also possible to filter by the status: Forwarded, Not Forwarded, Forward Incomplete.
Income and Expenses Report for OwnersIt is the document used mainly for accountability to owners that will encompass all debits, credits, and the balance in the selected period.
Through the [Finance > Owner Statements] menu it is possible to generate the report in Excel format, document for printing or send it to the owner via email in PDF format.
When checking out the articles on reports and lists, by clicking on "see details", check on the upper part of the article if the tool is available for your plan.

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