To help with your cash projections and financial control, will list in your transaction panel the pending receipts regarding your reservations.

To generate these amounts, will assume that the pending amount of payment for the reservations must be paid by the date of arrival of the guest.

In your cash flow, this will be noted in the [Finance > Bills to Receive] menu.
The payment description will be [res. downpayment], the reference will be the booking code and you can click on the [details] button to access the booking page.

The update of these releases will be done at the time you launch the receipt through the booking page.


This path is valid when you are looking for, for example, a cash projection for future periods.

Another way to check these cases in list form is the [Reservation & Bookings > Find Booking] menu.
When you get to the screen, just access the screen's advanced filters, check the [Reservations where the total amount has not yet been paid] little box and generate the search.

Important: Do not forget to select the search period and other parameters before generating your list!


This path is more valid to control which reservations have pending charging for the guest, being useful for reception, reservation agents and other members of your team!