Guests list is a document frequently used by hospitality business that shows occupied listings and the guests staying in the listings in the current day.

This information is useful, for example, for the control of breakfast and other extra services provided by the place.

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Where can I generate the guests list?

You can generate this list on your Stays home page, next to the arrivals and departures counter;

The [Reception] option filter does not change the information in the Guest List document, because the document will always load the information of the current day. 

How is the guests list default template?

The default document is generated like in the example below:

How can edit the guests list? provides the option to edit the guests list template via HTML code.

If you have this knowledge and want to do it yourself, follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Catalog > Printable Templates > Master Templates] and open the editable templates list;
  2. Click on the option [reception_in_out_list];
  3. Edit on the right side of the screen and save the changes.

If you do not have the HTML code knowledge, submit your template to with the subject "I want to set up my guest list template" and our design team will make the adjustments to help you.

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