To help you in the process of connecting with the sales channels, it is important that you know the policy used by each channel when the guest closes the reservation.

One of the possible models is the Non-Instant Reservation. That means that the guest will be redirected to the host for the reservation to be validated, that is, it is necessary to contact the host to confirm the reservation.

Check below the sales channel that admit Non-Instant:

AirbnbIt is possible to activate the Non-Instant Reservation on the channel.
In this way, the guest must communicate directly with the host to make the reservation.
VrboThe channel makes possible the activation of the Non-Instant Reservation.
However, the host will have 24 hours to accept or refuse the guest's request. On this period, a standby reservation will be created in the calendar.
If the host does not answer during this period, the reservation will be automatically refused.
TemporadaLivreThe channel only accepts Non-Instant Reservations.
The guest will have the option to view the listing's information and get in touch directly with the host.
TripmoodThis channel works only with the promotion of the listings. So, it only admits Non-Instant Reservations.
By default, to finish the reservation, the guest will be redirected to the host.
CasaTemporadaThis platform also works only with Non-Instant Reservations.
The host must negotiate prices, cancelation policy and payment directly with the guest.
To disable instant reservations, you must access the [Do you allow instant reservations?] field in the [Reservation Settings] within the listing page.
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