When you receive payment for a reservation on your Stays.net, it is possible that, in addition to the daily rates, you will also charge additional fees or amounts that will be accounted for in the total amount of the reservation.

To audit all these amounts, we recommend linking each reservation component to a Chart of Accounts accounting position, because then, through the [Accounts Statement] screen, you will be able to filter each reservation item.

Check below how to relate the components of a reservation to the accounting positions and how to analyze the transactions: 

Linking the components of the reservation to an accounting position

Some examples of items that can be added to the total amount of the reservation are additional fees like cleaning fee, service fee, extra charge for arrivals and departures out of standard hours, extra services, among others.

When creating these fees, you should indicate to which accounting position you will link each specific account.

Cleaning feeOn the setting of a cleaning fee in the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Fee Manager] menu, you will have the [Accounting > Type] field available to indicate to which item of the Chart of Accounts you will link this account.
Service feeThe configuration for this type of fee will follow the logic of the previous item.
Also in the [Accounting > Type] field.
Fee for check-in in advance and late checkoutOn the [Setting > Reservations Settings > Arrivals and Departures] menu it is also possible to indicate to which accounting item you will link this account, in the [Accounting Relation] field.
Extra serviceIn the case of the Extra Services, for example, by accessing the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Extra Services] menu, on the configuration of the service, on the [Select the Category > Type] field it is also possible to link an item to a Chart of Accounts.

Analyzing the components of a reservation on the [Accounts Statements] screen

After linking the accounts to the accounting positions, by accessing the [Finance > Chart of Accounts] menu you will be able to filter the results for each specific item of the reservation.

When you click on [details], highlighted in red above, it will be possible to see the information on the transaction. The system will indicate if the transaction in question is the main one, that is, according to the payment of the reservation that includes all the extra components.

Note that, on the [Accounts Statement] screen, the indicated amount will always relate to the accounting item in question. However, when accessing the transaction details, the system will show the full amount of the main transaction.

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