By integrating your listings via API between Stays and Airbnb, you can automatically receive reviews written by guests and also review guests directly from your system.

Check out the frequently asked questions on the subject below.

How to activate the feature on my system?

After connecting your Stays listings to Airbnb, activation is automatic.

Are reviews written by guests automatically imported?

In reservations via Stays connection, reviews are automatically imported to the menu [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews]. Learn more.

Can I include Airbnb guest reviews on my website?

Yes, you must manage them on [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews > Status].

Can I review guests?

When reviewing guests from the reservation page, the content will be sent to Airbnb. If you want to check the history, the reviews are saved on the [Reservation Center > Host Reviews] menu.

Do Airbnb guest reviews impact my Stays statistics?

Initially, the only indicator integrated with the screen [Statistics > Listing Reviews] is about the check-in process.

Can I import Airbnb guest reviews in reservations before the connection with Stays?

All guest reviews will be imported during the connection. You can view and manage them normally in [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews].

I use the limited connection model on the API. Does this affect anything about reviews?

The integration works the same way for all connection models.

Does Stays remind me about Airbnb reservations without registered reviews?

You will see an alert on [Validation Center > Reservation warnings].