Is it necessary to have a Brazilian CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) to advertise on the channel?

No, it is not.

What is the commission amount charged by the channel?

15% of the reservation amount for all partners connected via API, and you have control over the final price of the listing.  See how it works.

Is there a minimum number of listings to get connected to Airbnb? 

No, there is not.

Is the content of my listing also connected to Airbnb?

Yes, it is. Read more.

Can I edit the description of my Airbnb listings?

Yes, you can, in the complete connection model. Read more.

Where will my Airbnb-connected listing be advertised?

Only on Airbnb website.

Will rates registered on Stays be sent to the channel?

Yes, they will.

Will reservations made on Airbnb get to Stays calendar?

Yes, they will.

Will Stays calendar be sent to Airbnb calendar?

Yes, it will.

Does Stays send check-in and checkout restrictions to Airbnb?

Yes, it does. There is a daily update.

Does Stays send additional fees to be charged?

Yes, it does. You must link your Stays fees to the existing Airbnb fees before starting the connection. 

When I connect my Airbnb listing to Stays, will I lose the offers I created on Airbnb?

No, you will not. Offers registered on your Airbnb listings remain registered on the platform,   that is why you must be careful by checking your rates after the connection. 

Does Stays send the fee I charge per additional guest?

Yes, it does. However, the settings model must be done per listing, and Airbnb does not accept percentage-base charging. 

Does Stays send cancellation policies to Airbnb?

Yes, it does. You must set per individual listing or globally on Stays, and then you must link the models to the Airbnb most compatible model. 

How is the payment for the reservation amount charged to the guest?

Airbnb handles the payment and forwards the amount via bank deposit after the guest's arrival.

Can I advertise listings by category (e.g., standard, deluxe, basic, etc.)?

Yes, you can. You must set up rate groups on Stays and enable this feature in the Airbnb settings on Stays.

Can I cancel an Airbnb reservation via Stays?

No, you cannot. The cancellation must be done via Airbnb, either by the guest or by the host.

How can I get in touch with Airbnb guests?

You will be able to use the messages center and also the WhatsApp messaging option.

Does Airbnb accept instant reservations?

Yes, it does. The host can choose to work with instant reservations or with reservations on request.

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