When you integrate your Stays listings with Airbnb, it is possible to work with the API connection in two ways: full connection and limited connection.

For more details about what each option means, check the table below:

Important Hints
It indicates that in addition to prices, rates and availability, Stays will also send listing contents such as photos, descriptions, amenities and other information to the creation and maintenance of Airbnb listings.
  • It is the connection standard model when you use Stays to create your listings;
  • For existing listings on Airbnb, the data will be combined with your existing content there before the connection;
  • There is no impact relating to the guests' old comments and reviews;
  • On this model, you can set up your Instant Reservation policy via Stays!
Limited ConnectionIt indicates that Stays will only send the rates and availability to the channel.
To adjust content relating to the Airbnb listing, you need to access Airbnb extranet.
  • Every listing created on Airbnb via Stays starts as Full Connection, so you must change this setting on Airbnb portal after the creation;
  • If you are"Airbnb Plus", this is the only model compatible with the program;
  • On this model, Airbnb will only support Instant Reservation and you will not be able to make changes about that on the channel's extranet.

In your Stays panel, you will have the indication of what is being sent to the channel, that means, the connection model being used to the listing, as in the example below:

To edit your connection model at any time, simply access your Airbnb panel.