By integrating your listings through API between and Airbnb, you will count on the possibility of automatically receiving the reviews left by your guests, as well as being able to review the guest from your Stays screens!

Check out the list of frequently asked questions and answers below:

How to activate the feature on my system?The activation happens automatically once you complete the connection of your Stays listings with Airbnb.SEE DETAILS
Will guest reviews be automatically imported?For reservations made through the Stays connection, reviews will be automatically imported into the [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews] menu.SEE DETAILS
Can I review guests too?You can review guests through the reservation page and with that, the content will be sent to Airbnb.
For history checking, your reviews will be saved in the menu [Reservation Center > Host Reviews].
Can I use Airbnb guest reviews on my website?Just manage them as you already do with your conventional reviews, through the [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews] menu, in the [Status] option.SEE DETAILS
Will Airbnb guest reviews impact Stays statistical indicators?At this first moment, the only indicator integrated with the [Statistics > Listing Reviews] screen is about the check-in process.
The others, as they are different from the Stays terms base, do not have integration so far.
Can I import reviews left by Airbnb guests on reservations before the connection to Stays?The guest reviews will be imported together with reservations during connection.
You will be able to view and manage them through the [Reservation Center > Guest Reviews] menu normally.
I use the limited connection model in the API. 
Does this affect anything about reviews?
The integration works the same for both connection models.SEE DETAILS
Will Stays remind me about Airbnb reservations with no registered reviews?For cases where the reservation has not received guest reviews and has not been reviewed by the host regarding the guest, we will display an alert in your [Validation Center > Reservation Warnings].

Now that you know how the integration between Airbnb reviews and your works, how about knowing more about the topic?