To configure your pets policy, you must follow the step by step below:

  1. Access the desired listing;
  2. Select the [House Rules] option;
  3. Scroll to the bottom and find the [Other House Rules] section;
  4. In the [Do you allow pets?] option, mark the option you prefer;
  5. Save the changes made.

Now that you know how to configure your policy, see below how the sales channels will relate to this information:

WebsiteYour website made through will have these three options available: [yes], [no] or [on request].
AirbnbThis channel has only two options: [Yes] or [No].
BookingThis channel supports three possibilities: [Yes], [No] or "on request".
Homes & Villas by Marriott InternationalThis channel has only the [Yes] and [No] options.
Temporada LivreIt is possible to select the [Yes] and [No]. However, if you configure the [on request] option on your, it will be sent as [No] to the channel.
VRBOThe channel accepts two possibilities: [Yes] or [Não]. If you configure the [on request] option on your, it will be sent as [No].
FlipkeyThis channel will receive two options: [Yes] and [No]. But if you choose [on request] on your, it will be sent as [No].
ExpediaThe configuration must be done directly on the channel. If you are interested, please contact Expedia support and request that this information be included in your listing.
[App Center] channels
(Casa Temporada, HOUSI, HyperGuest, etc.)
The configuration about pets must be done directly on the portal of these channels, if they have the option available.