According to Airbnb data, one of the top five most searched for information by guests on the channel is if the listing accepts pets, so even if you charge an additional fee for pets, it is very worthwhile to add this information to your listing.

Check out the main information about the topic in the table below:

How do I activate the fee charging information?
To inform about the charge, the first step is to access [Content > House Rules], select that you accept pets and that there is a possibility of a charge.
Where do I set the fee amount?
After indicating the charge, access the option [Finance > General Pricing Configuration] and indicate the fee amount.
Remember that the pet fee amount must be lower than the amount charged on the daily rate. 
How does the fee apply on the Airbnb website?
The fee will be applied during the quote process of the reservation made by the guest on the Airbnb website.
After the guest indicates that they will have pets, the fee will be applied to the per night amount of the reservation.
If your listing already has charging enabled before connecting with Stays, please check the field on Stays before connecting and align according to your policy.
If you need to change somenthing, just do it on and that information will be updated on Airbnb within 5 minutes of your action!

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