When giving the Owners access to your Extranet, it is possible to allow them to create blocks in the listings' Calendar and this is usually done for their personal usage. 

It is simple to block listings via extranet and the owners will be able to do this with few clicks, which will save you time and texting them during the daily routine.
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Along with this possibility, some companies provide cleaning in the listing before the owners' arrival and after departure, and in some cases even charge a special cleaning fee.

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Creating the charge of a different fee for the owners

When accessing the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Fee Manager] menu, you will be able to create or select an existing fee.
When you open or create this fee, mark [Yes] in the Owner field and do not forget to save the changes made at the top right side of the screen. 

The [Owner] option only appears if the [Will the fee be applied during reservation forwarding?] option is disabled.
The [Will the fee be applied to the guest invoice?] option will have no impact on the charging flow for the owner blocks.

Setting the different fee amount for the owners 

After enabling the different charge of the fee to the Owners, you must set the amount of the fee in your listings.
Open your listings and access the [Finance > General Pricing Configurationtab.
The fee will have a field indicating Owner as in the example below, so you just need to put an amount and save the changes made at the upper right side of the screen:

If you have more than one [Owner] fee registered, the block will generate a fee with the sum of these fees to the owner.

How will the fee be charged to the owners?

The result of this action is that after the block is created by the owner, Stays.net automatically post expenses in owner's balance in the [Owner Statements] screen, according to the example below:


Do not mistake the personal use fee for forwarding fixed fees! Forwarding fixed fees are operational fees attached to the reservations in which the costs will be shared with the owners (e.g. taxes, card fees, etc.) and in these cases, the billing process is different. 
See more details in the link below:
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For more details on other options to charge fee to the owners or check more details on the [Owner Statements], choose one of the options below: