Before you continue reading the article, it is important to mention that if your Long Term Rental listing is a product already marketed for vacation rentals or Real Estate, just go to the [Content > Type] tab and in the Category field mark the [Long Term Rental] option.
Then simply follow the instructions for setting up specific information for Long Term Rental:

For listings that does not exist in your portfolio, follow the instructions below:

Registration of Listing´s Location

If your listing is in a location that is already registered on, just move on to the next section of instructions of this article!

The initial registration is done from the Listings menu of your, you just need to click on the option [+Listing] and fill in the initial information of the listing:

Creation of the listing
Listing´s Settings

With this action, you will have a place to set up the listing´s structural information, such as location and surrounding landmarks.

The structure of the location allows you to optimize future listings registration to this same location.

Go to the [Content] tab and fill in the requested information.

It will work as a basis for your listing and for others that are created on the same location, even for vacation rentals!

Registration of the Long Term Rental listing

In your newly created location, after having filled out the [Content] tab, go to the [Listings] tab and create the structure of the listing.

During the creation, you can indicate in the Types field that your listing is for Long Term Rental:

Creation of the listing
Listing´s Setting
By doing this your listing will be created based on some location information, and you will only need to register your listing´s  individualized information.When you complete the process, the Content tab will have several fields for you to complete the registration, in particular the Long Term Rental tab, which is the main content for product promotion.
Do not forget to put the location and the Active status in your listing, otherwise your products will not be visible!
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Now that you already know how to create the location and the Long Term Rental listings, check below how to register specific information for this business: