Stays is focused on the commercialization of seasonal lodgings, however, if you have long term rental listings in your portfolio, it is possible to set up a website section specialized in this market segment.
For more details about the module, check out the main information below:

How to register a lodging for long term rental?Just select the [Long Term Rental] option when creating a Single Unit Listing.SEE DETAILS
What information is registered in a long term rental listing?
You will be able to register various information about the characteristics of the property and lodging; see on the link beside the options.
How to register the price of the rent and rates of a listing for long term rental?When accessing your lodging page, go to the [Long Term Rental] tab, [Long Term Rental Settings] section. With this, you will be able to enter various information.SEE DETAILS
How to present my long term rental listings on the website?
After the process of registering the lodging for long term rental, go to [Website & Template Manager > Website Builder]. Then click on [Menu] and on the "arrow" next to the desired structure. Click on [+Menu Item] and create the long term rental menu by selecting [module] as [Link Type] and [Long Term Rental] in [Select Module].
Remember to save the changes made!
What to do after reserving a long term rental?It will be necessary to remove the listing post from the website. In addition, if you work with seasonal lodging, you will also need to block calendars and communicate the status of the listing to your sales channels.SEE DETAILS