Listings used exclusively for Long Term Rental or without connection to sales channels

When you rent your Long Term Rental listing, just go to the [Finance > Long Term pricing] tab and deactivate the posting on the website, and put the name of the renter, who must be registered as a guest on your

Vacation rental listings connected to sales channels

In addition to the process indicated in the item above, you need to create a block for the time that the listing will be rented. This will prevent reservations from coming in the channels.
If it is a really long lease and you feel better about it, another alternative is to disable the listing from the sales channels, because if the listing is blocked for too much time it loses ranking positions in the channels' search engine.

To learn more details on how to disconnect your listings from sales channels, visit our Academy portal and search for "How to disable a listing´s connection to XXX"? 

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