You can manage your real estate listings through your Check below how to make the configurations within your system.

To check out more details about the tool, check the table below:

How to register a real estate lodging?

The registration of a real estate lodging is done in conjunction with the process of creating single listings on the same panel. SEE DETAILS
What information is registered in real estate lodging?

In addition to the information on the registration of a lodging such as descriptive content and location, where the information of the property for sale must be entered.SEE DETAILS
How to register the fees and prices of a real estate lodging?
After you have started the registration of your real estate lodging, in the area of price registration of the lodging you will also have a section where the registration of prices and fees is made.
How are the real estate lodgings presented on the website?
Your website will have a top menu named real estate, where users will be able to view your products.
What to do after selling a property?
After selling your lodging, it is important to disable your listing publication.