Before reading this article, it is important that you already know the concept below:

When editing the daily rate in a Recurrent Price Rule you will have a blue indication letting you know that this is a Recurrent Rule, like the example below:

When editing the daily rate and saving the changes, you can check one of the options below:

  • only this item
    Applies the changes in the selected Price Rule only.
  • this ones and all future
    Applies the changes to all the recurring Price Rules (future days).
  • this one and apply this % for all future
    Apply the change to the selected rule and add the % on top of the price for future rules.
    It is important to mention that the percentage will always be recorded over the value of the previous one!

By using this path you will be able to reach the target of 18 months of registered prices in a simpler and faster way, with the advanced pricing features of!