Identifying a Recurrent Price Rule

During the edition of your price rules from the per period setup model, the recurrent price rules will have a blue indication on the screen and after editing it, you will be asked if you want to apply the adjustment only to the rule that you edited or to the other related rules:

Indication on the screen
Editing actions of the rule

Possible editing actions in the recurrent rules

As shown above, you will have some editing possibilities and in the table below you find more details about each option:

Only this itemApplies the adjustment that you made only in the selected price rule.
This one and all future
Applies the same adjustment made to the selected price rule in the other recurrence rules in the future periods.
This one and apply this % for all future
Applies the adjustment to the selected price rule and will apply a % markup to each recurrent rule in the future.
The percentage increase in the rules is cumulative, that is, the % is always calculated based on the value of the previous rule.
When using the recurrent rules and this action of changing values in bulk, you will be able to keep your prices registered for long periods in a simpler way, keeping your products with prices registered in your Booking Window, which normally should be 18 months!
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