The Pro version of counts on financial solutions focused on the flow of receipts of reservations and eventual expenses arising from this routine, such as sales channel commission fees or eventual refunds to guests.

Check out some resources that can help you on a daily basis below:

Register your bank accountsFrom the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways] menu you will be able to enter your bank accounts.
This will allow you to post reservation receipts from bank deposits.
Bank transfer for website reservationsAfter registering your banks, it will be possible to enable the option to present bank details to the guest so that they can use the bank transfer option to guarantee reservations.SEE DETAILS
Search for reservations with open receiptsFrom the [Find Reservation] screen, you will have an option in the additional filters that generates a list of all reservations that have part of the amount to be paid by the guest, within your search period.
It is a very useful tool for your charging routine!
Manage security deposit through reservation counts on a specific area for receiving and returning security deposits in the reservation page, avoiding mixing with the rental amounts and leaving visible future pending issues over these amounts.SEE DETAILS
Income and expenses panelFrom the [Finance > Finance Dashboard] menu you will have an overview of how much you have earned from your reservations and future expenses such as sales commissions and guest refunds.SEE DETAILS