From the Administrator version of your, besides having a website for online reservations, you will have features that can help you make your brand more visible in the market, in addition to increasing the list of loyal guests.

Check in the list below some features that can help you get better results:

Advertise your listings on Stays AllianceTo increase the visibility of your listings and receive more leads, a good strategy is to connect your listings to the main sales channels in the market.
In addition, Stays Alliance can help you find partners who, like you, are looking to expand their business in the market.
Email marketing campaignsUsing free tools, you can set up campaigns through e-mail to advertise discount coupons and other actions of your brand.
This increases guest engagement with your brand and can guarantee you some extra reservations.
On Stays you can generate lead spreadsheets optimized to work with MailChimp and other email marketing tools.
Guest reviewsSurveys show that 95% of travelers consult product reviews before making a reservation.
In order to make your website listings credible to any interested parties, it is important that you capture and manage guest reviews, as this is one of the determining factors for reservation conversion.
Setting commercial requestsMake links with a list of listings and send to your interested guests.
The advantage of this module is that the link has updated content as your listing becomes unavailable or goes through price changes.
In addition, it is possible to track who was the reservation agent who managed to get the reservation.