Stays Alliance is a partnership tool developed to offer more business alternatives. It is useful for portfolio expansion, promotion on more sales channels, and other important actions for the growth of your brand in the market.

What do I get with Stays Alliance?

Stays Alliance complies with different business profiles, and the benefits vary between each type. The most common ones are increased portfolio visibility and increased portfolio volume.

For example, you can mirror your listings on Stays' major client websites and increase your chances of receiving reservations. It is an opportunity to expand the promotion of listings, having established partners in the market as a great showcase for yours.

How can I see the list of affiliates?

Through the menu [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Affiliates > Affiliate list].

How can I create my Stays Alliance profile?

Through the menu [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Affiliates]. Click on [My business profile] and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to send listings to a Stays Alliance partner?

You should set your system on [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Outgoing channels] to make your listings available. Then, go to the [Content] tab and choose which listings will be available for partnership.

How to receive listings from a Stays Alliance partner?

Access the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Incoming channels] menu and inform how you intend to promote them in your business. Then, choose the listings you want to use.

Can I use Stays Alliance ads to create reservations or proposals to guests?

It is possible to create manual reservations for Stays Alliance listings through the menu [Reservation Center > New reservation], adding the filter [Show only Stays Alliance products]. In addition, when creating proposal lists on the menu [Offers & Promotions > Reservation Offers], you can filter by Stays Alliance products.

By default, your system will not have the [Stays Alliance] menu. If you are interested on the tool, coyou want to proceed with the use of the tool, just contact our team via chat or email ( for activating the menu in your account.