Stays Alliance is a partnership tool developed in order to offer Stays users more business alternatives, be it in relation to increase of portfolio, disclosure in more sales channels and other actions important for the growth of your business in the market.

This channel is exclusively made by Stays clients and it is possible to join the community in different ways, as we will see below.

Stays Alliance Business Benefits

Here are some user profiles served by this solution and the benefits:

I seek to increase the number of accommodations that I commercialize

This need is mainly found in seasonal rental managers and while we have some solutions to help with real estate capture, sometimes the easiest way is to join with other managers and become a business partner.

Usually we find this scenario in brands already consolidated in the market that have a high traffic in the site and much demand. In these cases, joining the Stays Alliance guarantees more chances to serve more types of public (ex: categories of accommodation, regions served etc), besides having greater supply in periods of high demand to maximize the revenues of the period and finally , even to have more alternatives to manage cases where operational contingencies occurred.

I want to advertise my accommodation in more sales channels

You have already seen in our Blog that one of the actions to be successful in a hosting environment is to expand the sales channels of its products, either through registration to renowned sites such as Booking, AirBnB or even via partnership with acquaintances.
Through the Stays Alliance you can build a profile of your business and join the list of affiliates. With this, other Stays customers will be able to contact you interested in a partnership and, with that, your products could be divulged in the site or commercial routine of the partner.
It is important to note that we have partners that act as an OTA and are committed to capturing accommodations to advertise on their portal, so do not waste time and already set up your profile!

I have advanced knowledge in Digital Marketing and E-commerce, I only lack the products

Stays Alliance is made by Seasonal and Vacation Rentals managers who are looking to grow sales. From our solution, you will be able to develop your website and have Stays partners accommodations as a product base.
The integration of tariffs and availability is done automatically, as well as issues of commissioning, booking operation and other routines that will be defined during the configuration of the partnership.
In practice, you will be able - from the Stays Alliance - to place yourself as an OTA in the market.

I am a tour operator and want more accommodation options to set up packages

Stays Alliance has in its portfolio several Inns and season rental managers in search of more space in the market. How about having access to this growing market and securing partnerships beyond the traditional path of large GDSs with much more competitive commission rates?
By joining the Stays Alliance you will also have tools to create Reservation Bids and a website as well.

How do I view the list of Stays Alliance affiliates?

To check the list of affiliates available in the Stays Alliance simply access the menu of your system by the way below:

  1. Access the [Stays Alliance] menu;
  2. Go to the [Affiliates> Affiliate List] option;
  3. The partners will be in the center of the screen;
  4. To access a profile, simply click on the arrow next to the business name.


What is the cost of the Stays Alliance tool for those who have products listed on another partner (Outgoing channel)?
The delivery of the products to the partner is free. You will only be charged a 1.5% fee on the Reservation fee and the nightly rate as per your Stays plan contracted.

What is the cost of the Stays Alliance tool to anyone who posts products from other partners (Incoming channel)?

For each accommodation imported into your system will be charged a fee of R$ 4,90.
If a reservation occurs in these accommodations via the Stays Alliance, you will be charged the nightly rate according to your contracted plan.

How do I become a member of the Stays Alliance?

Go to [Stays Alliance> Affiliates> Profile of my business] and sign up for your profile. This process is free.

For more details on these registration steps, click the link below:


I have partners who are not part of Stays. How can I partner with them on my system?
Stays Alliance is a feature that would greatly facilitate your partnership, but if your partner does not really want to be a member of Stays, no problem .. There are two options:

  • iCal Connections:
    In this type of connection, you will need to register your partner's accommodations in the system. From there, it should provide you with a calendar iCal link where it records the Reserves and blocked periods of it in the accommodation and you must enter in the system.
    He may also access the accommodation from the Owner's Extranet, but the updating of the tariffs must always be done manually.
    I want to know more...

  • Booking Wizard:
    With this feature, you can give your partner a code to enter on his website. This code will make your site visitor who searches to reserve the accommodation redirect to your site to close the Reserve.
    The tool has the "tracking" feature, so it is possible to track these cases.
    For more information, send us an email to