To develop your business in the market, although the investment in advertising actions and sales channels are important, it is essential to remember that, even if you only have one reservation per week, the guest should be received in the best possible way.

To help you with this service management, the Agency version of your has some features, as you can see in the table below:

Inspections during guests' arrival and departureIn addition to being a way to have a closer contact with guests, this action is important to maintain the quality of your listings in order to detect the need for maintenance, lack and wear of utensils or even damage caused during the stay.
On you can set up the inspection list, have these tasks automatically created and have an activity management panel.
Listing cleaning can help you create cleaning tasks for your team regarding guest arrivals and departures.
In addition, it is possible to create tasks manually for specific orders or even in the marketing of extra cleanings.
Create to-do reminders for your maintenance team From the technical task manager, you can categorize your to-dos and track their progress on a central panel.SEE DETAILS
Monitor processes while solving a taskEach activity created in the operational module has a tracking on user actions and this can help you to detect process improvements in your team.SEE DETAILS
All tasks: how to see your tasks in general?The [All Tasks] menu can help you track calls, check the incidence of cases on a particular property or a type of problem, in addition to other useful indicators for strategic decision making. SEE DETAILS