During the manual creation of reservations on Stays.net, you will have the option to adjust the amount of the daily rates before finalizing the process.

See below the instructions to edit the amounts:

  1. After starting to create the reservation, proceed to the 3rd step [Conditions];
  2. In the [Would you like to change prices?] option, check [Yes];
  3. Define the type of correction that you want to apply;
  4. Enter the amount and save the changes.

Notice that, when opting for the correction, you will have two options available:

DiscountThe amount entered will be deducted from the total of the daily rates and this post will appear as a discount in your Hosting Invoice on the reservation page.
OverwriteThe amount entered will be the new total of the daily rates.
This adjustment will not be visible to the guest and the original amount of the daily rates will be hidden.
Although the feature allows you to manually create the reservation even without prices registered in the period, it is highly recommended that you register a base rate of, at least, 12 months for your listings.

Now that you already know how to edit the amount of the daily rates when creating a manual reservation, how about checking out more related subjects?