Split bookings are compatible only with products of a vertical rate group. 

These are situations in which the booking period is not available in only one l of a rate group, which means, there is availability for the searched period, but, distributed in different listings.

See an example below of a vertical rate group.

If a user searches for the date 05/14 to 05/21, it will be possible to make the booking, but a part of it will be in a listing in the period from 05/14 to 05/17 and  the continuation will be in another listing.

For bookings that fit in this case, you will receive the alert below regarding these cases:

To check more details about the tool, check the table below:

How do split bookings happen?The split bookings can happen from two routines: bookings through website or bookings made through sales channels.SEE DETAILS
How does a guest create split bookings through the website?The process made by the guest is the same as a normal booking. However, depending on the dates and availability of the listings, it can be allocated in a split way in the calendar.SEE DETAILS
Why did I receive a split booking through the sales channels?The answer follows the same logic as the previous item.
The guest searched for a period where, at least, one of their listings of the rate group was available.
How can I merge the split bookings?You will be able to merge the bookings, freeing up space in the calendar of the desired listing and, then, repositioning the bookings in a way that they stay in the same listing.SEE DETAILS