To improve the management of your vertical rate group calendars, we always recommend leaving one or two lodgings in the group with hidden availability in the channels, so that you have room for maneuver in reservations:

To complete the merging of a split booking into your calendar, simply follow the steps below:

  • Release the calendar of the lodging you want to merge the booking
    The split reservation only appears if there is something preventing it from staying in just one lodging, so freeing up space in the calendar of the desired lodging is the first step.
    Important: If the switch is related to bookings imported from sales channels, do not switch the booking to a lodging outside the rate group! This can cause calendar conflicts!
  • Click on the part you want to move and drag to the desired location
    After creating the space in the calendar of the desired lodging, simply find the part you want to move and place it next to the other part of the booking.
    When hovering the cursor over the reservation, notice that the red detail will mark both parts of the reservation to facilitate identification.

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