During the operational routine of a hosting medium, it is common to have maintenance tasks and routine resolutions in general that involve both advertisements and external locations.

Based on this, Stays.net has two solutions for each situation and we will explain what the Technical and Other task types mean.

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Technical Task

The task will be solved in one of your listings and you will need to add the code or name of the listing for the collaborator to know the destination.

Another point is that the screen has more fields to fill in, as the main use is for maintenance calls verified during inspections of inputs and outputs and quality controls.

You will be able to choose whether you want to keep the task in the cloud to link to a collaborator later or directly link to a collaborator during creation.

For both scenarios, the task will remain in your technical task management dashboard. 
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Other Task

Ideal for quick resolution tasks or involving places outside your listings, the Other task interface is shorter for registration and you must already define the person responsible for the task during creation, as shown in the image below:

This task will only be visible in the Task Panel or in the panel of the user defined as responsible for the task, that is, it will not be in the technical dashboard.

User Panel
Task Panel

How do I define the task type?

The definition is made during the creation of a technical task of the system, from the field What is this about, as in the example below:

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