For Stays plans with only one user or for managers looking for a deeper insight into the operational tasks registered in the system, the complete list of tasks can be obtained from the path below:

  1. Access the [Tasks > All Tasks] menu;
  2. Make the desired filters on the left side of the screen;
  3. Click on [Update] to complete your search.

From these actions, it is possible to get many uses out of the information in the screen and in the table below you have some examples:

Manual creation of cleaning and maintenance tasksTo open a new work order manually, in addition to the system's top menu, it is possible to use the [All Tasks] to create calls in your panel.
Filter tasks by periodIt is possible to search for tasks already performed for auditing, for tasks created over a period for general statistical data or by deadline, to plan daily routines, if your Stays is not part of the Administrator or Agency plan.
List pending tasks of a particular typeHow about knowing all the technical tasks that your team has not completed, or those that are in progress?
In this type of search, you will be able to pull information quickly, from some combined filters.
Quick management of operational activitiesFrom the [All Tasks] panel you can quickly cancel cleaning tasks from your list or close unresolved tasks.
Quick sharing of tasks through WhatsAppShare the task page with your collaborators through WhatsApp and eliminate communication noise.
It is necessary that the person is logged in to the system to open the link content!
Pending issues of a specific listingDo you usually close listings for renovations during the off-season?
From this screen, you can pull a list of all maintenance pendency items for a given listing and you will be able to use the data to plan maintenance!
Pending issues of a collaboratorFrom the Administrator plan forward, it is possible to filter the tasks by the collaborator in charge and the [All Tasks] screen can be a good tool to pull the pending issues list by member of your team.
For the correct use of this filter, it is necessary to correctly delegate your activities to your team members!
Most recurring call typesFrom the Administrator plan forward it is possible to categorize your technical pending issues and filter tasks by classification can help you get strategic data to plan your providers by each service or even plan operational routes for your service providers.
In addition to these table actions, there are more features through filter and you will be able to apply more control routines that are more aligned with your business, but with this list above and the good use of the module, you will be able to organize yourself in relation to task management!

Now that you know about the possibilities of the [All Tasks] screen, how about checking out more information about the operational module of