After your listing is connected to Booking from, when accessing the options of each room, you will have the [Disconnect room] and [Deactivate room] options, as in the example below:

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See below the effects caused in each action:

[Deactivate Room] option

By clicking on this button and validating the action, will send to Booking that the commercial status of your listing is closed and unavailable for Reservations, therefore you will be able to use it in an emergency way due to some technical case or, mainly and more common, in cases where you will leave the listing out of the channel for some time, either for a long term rental made outside of Booking or other commercial issues of your business.

After taking this action, you can click on the [Activate room] option and reactivate your listing on Booking, in case the commercial registration situation of your listing on Booking is aligned again.

[Disconnect Room] option

By clicking on this action, the only effect will be on your interface, that is, the code of the listing will be unlinked and you will be able to select other room of your Booking listing to link to the listing.

We recommend using this option for cases where you linked a listing by mistake during the connection process of your listing.

After the action of the button and its confirmation, the panel should look like this:

This action does not change the commercial status or calendar of your listing on Booking!

In case your action is due to any unexpected behavior or insecurity when using, contact our Support team!
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