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Follow the steps below to connect with Booking via Stays. 

Step 1. Create your Booking Entity ID

To create listings on Booking via Stays, it is necessary to have the Legal Entity ID of your Booking's account.

If you are a new partner and register directly via Booking, you will automatically receive this ID. However, if you already have an account or if you will get a new one via Stays, check the instructions below.

Starting registration via Stays

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Booking.com > Account] menu, fill out the information and save the changes; 
  2. Click on the [Get Entity ID] button and see the number indicated by the system. You will also receive and email from Booking with a form to check out your information, review the channel's terms and to sign the Listing Agreement. 

While the agreement is not signed, your system will show an alert. The listings created via Stays will only be approved after the signature.

I already have a Booking account, how can I proceed? 

If you have an active Entity ID, fill out the registration and inform the number. If you do not know the number, contact Booking's support.

Step 2. Configure the channel

It is very important to link your policies on Stays and also with the existing ones on Booking. Go to the channel's settings panel to indicate your preferences: 

  1. Access [Channel Managers > Booking.com]
  2. Click on the [Onboarding] tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you already have listings on Booking, just connect your existing listings with Stays. However, if your listings are not in the channel yet, you can also create them on Booking directly via Stays. See the full step by step on the tutorials below.