Before start reading the instructions in this article, it is important that you have completed the initial steps to connect Booking and Stays. With everything set, follow the steps described here.

Step 1. Create your property on Booking

Before creating a listing, it is necessary to connect your property to Booking. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > > Listings] menu;
  2. Choose the desired listing and click on the [Connect to Booking] button > [Create a listing].
  3. The channel validates the accounts data and then you get a Booking property ID:

With the connected property, you are able to create your units (listings) and send the information about price and calendar.  

Step 2. Create your Stays listings on Booking

  1.  Access [Channel Managers > > Listings] and select the desired listing;
  2. Click on the [Connect to] button. You need to do this in each listing of your property that has the button [Connect to] next to it;
  3. Go to [Create a listing on] and select the most compatible type of listing with yours. Caution: it is not possible to repeat the same name in another listing of the same property;
  4. Wait for the information to be sent to Booking - validation messages are displayed in yellow on the right side of the screen. If you have any questions, see what each status means when creating a listing;
  5. Once the information is sent, your listings go through Booking's validation process. This process usually takes around 1 hour, but the official deadline is up to 24 hours; 
  6. After validation, click on the [Open Calendar] button. Your listing now has the [Open / Bookable] tag, which means it is already available on Booking.

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