When creating your Booking listings through any channel manager with content integration, the listing will go through an initial stage where the basic contents of the establishment will be validated by the Booking team to proceed with the connection.

This phase is called "Being Built" and means your listing is under construction on Booking's side and the default recommendation is to wait a few minutes.

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What information appears on the screen?

On your Stays.net, we will show the validation taking place in real time and we will display the pending issues found in the Booking validation in a yellow block so you can get a sense of how the approval progress is going.

What do the messages on the screen mean?

Normally messages stay for a few minutes and then you will be able to proceed with the connection, however it is important that you know what each message means:

No products definedIt indicates the property is created but there are no units within it.
The ideal is to ensure that your units have already been sent to Booking and that, if you did this, the message disappears from your screen after a few minutes.
No rates definedIt indicates that your units are still unpriced.
As it is the creation stage, it is common for this message to appear for a few moments, as it is in the initial phase of sending, but if this remains for long periods, it may indicate that your prices are incomplete and in this case, it is valid to check our rate validator and adjust!
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No availability pushedIt indicates that your units do not yet have information in the Booking calendar.
It is common for this to appear right at the beginning of the creation, as it is the phase of sending information, but if this does not leave the screen after a few minutes, there may be something wrong with your calendar.
If your calendar has a lot of blocks, it is easier to leave it to connect later, as the lack of availability affects the performance of your listing on the channel!

What to do to complete the process?

After finishing the messages, you will have a panel also in yellow with messages starting with [Restricted] and a summary of information, like the example below:

Just click on [Open Calendar] and your listing will be ready for pre-publication Booking verification.

Now that you already know how to proceed with the creation of your listings if you get stuck on "Being Built", how about checking out more topics on the subject?