Although owners entry is done manually, in rare cases it is possible that one owner has more than one record on your

To eliminate these cases, we recommend merging the entry, as this facilitates your internal control of information of the owners. In addition, it will generate to the owner a single panel view of Accountability on your website's Extranet.

To merge between entries in your database, follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Users & Clients > Merge Accounts];
  2. In step 1, in [Source Account] select the account that will be merged with the other one;
  3. In step 2, in the [Destination Account] field, select the account that will receive the data from the merged account;
  4. Check the information;
  5. Click on [Merge] to complete the process.

This feature is also available for your team's users accounts or guests entries.

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