During the registration of the address of your listings, after saving your information, Stays.net will use the API integration with Google Maps to generate the position of the map pointer.

However, in some remote regions, the zip code is unique for all the streets in the location and therefore the pointer does not generate the correct location, so it is important to manually position the pointer so that guests can accurately see where your listing is, in fact, located.

In addition to the guests' experience on the website, positioning the listing correctly on the map has an effect on the validation process of connection to Airbnb and, especially for Booking.com, where the location of the map is used to set the neighborhood on their portal!
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To do this, simply access the [Content > Location] tab of your listings page, click on the pointer and drag it to the desired position, without forgetting to save at the end of the process:

If your listing is in an area that Google Maps does not recognize, the map pointer will be linked to your company's headquarters.
This information, as well as the position of your headquarters on the map, can be configured through the [Settings > Company Settings] menu.

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