In order to count on a website that introduces visitors to listings distributed on the Google Maps platform, it is important that you have enabled a Google Maps project in your account and integrate it with

In addition to providing a good experience for your visitors, this gives you some pointers about the map views.

To activate the APIs, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Google Maps platform page and click on [Get started];
  2. Select the three options presented to get the required APIs;
  3. Click on [CONTINUE];
  4. In the [Select a project] step, create a project or select an existing one;
  5. Agree to the terms of service and click on [Next];
  6. Create a new charging account with the Google Maps platform;
    Details: This is required to complete the process and you will need an international credit card to proceed as per Google guidelines. 
    There is a free monthly Google credit towards the volume of usage of the tool!
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  7. Activate your Google Maps platform and copy the generated API key to put on your!

If you have any questions, check out the video walkthrough (in Portuguese) at the link below:


After copying your Google Maps API key, access your and put it in the [App Center > Others] menu, in the [API Key] option of [Google Maps].